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One Voice...One World - Our Programs 

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Filip Pogady was featured in "Spring Concert 'Romance' held on Friday, March 3 at Kamakura Performing Arts Center and on March 5 at Natori Cultural Center in Miyagi, Japan. Our Jr Peace Music Ambassador, Honoka Kikukawa, violin, joined the concert with Ryunosuke Fujita, piano and 12 members of Harmony4Peace Strings. The program of many pieces with the theme of romance delighted the audience who filled the hall.  This lovely evening was attended by many families as well as people with disabilities and their caretakers as our invited guests.
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Add Your Voice

Join us in the effort to promote peace and a nuclear weapon free world by signing your name to our pledge.



Join the effort to promote peace and unity through art. 


The Harmony For Peace Foundation is a NGO dedicated to promoting international and intercultural understanding through music and visual arts, all while celebrating individual heritage and cultures. We utilize music and visual art as a universal language focusing on children and teens.

A Harmony for Peace concert is designed to establish a commitment to a global vision: a meeting of minds and a joining of hands, guided by the light of hope.  At these concerts, we celebrate Peace and Unity with cross-cultural artists and performers, joining together for a call for global peace and  nonviolence for children.  World renown artists  have performed together with local young artists’ groups providing the opportunity to “Play Together for Peace”.

Our Mission

At Harmony For Peace, we believe in

  • the power of the arts

  •  the language of music and expression of imagery

  • Art touches and unites peoples across cultures and creates one voice for world peace

For a safer and peaceful environment

For our children and their children in their homes,

communities, and the world. 

We aim for: 

nonviolence, non-proliferation, and reconciliation for a conflict-free world among peoples. 

One Voice...One World
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