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"Dance" - The World of Kashiwagi Midori - April 24, 2024, Curtain 7PM (Door 6:30pm)
venue: Japan Socie
ty, 333 E47th St., New York City


Kashiwagi Midori



Midori began studying traditional Japanese dance from the age of six. By the age of 15 she had earned a master’s certification at the Kashiwagi School of Dance. Professionally, under Shochiku Theater Management (Japan’s top movie studio), she worked in film and on stage as an actor and dancer appearing in multiple theatre, TV programs and commercials.


In the 1980’s Midori spent a few years in New York studying jazz and modern dance under Fred Benjamin and Jo Jo Smith, among others.


Later in Japan, she taught dance and acting at the Mifune Toshiro Art Institute, founded by Toshiro Mifune.  He was, at that time, one of the few Japanese actors known globally.


Since 1989 and for over three decades, she has performed both in and outside of Japan.  In New York City she held over five productions at venues such as the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and the Florence Gould Hall. Midori’s New York dance performance of 2017 was broadcasted in Japan and received many great reviews by the New York Times, Village Voice, Yomiuri New York, and many others.

As for Europe, Midori held a performance in Berlin, Germany in 2019. Her dance performance in Kamakura, Japan is an annual event that her followers greatly anticipate

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About the program
On this occasion performing at Japan Society in New York, Midori hopes to show her original dance pieces depicting the harmonious merger of the two styles of Japanese and Western dance expression.

Part I - Mysterious Woman

A woman courted by two men who were attracted by her charm and beauty soon realize her true nature. They each try to escape from her but in vain.


Part II – The Spirit of Japan – Dancing the Tango and Chacha in Kimono


Part III – To Dance, Dance and Dance … Overcoming Sadness


“Dance” expresses my whole life itself. In sad times, hardship and the excruciating moments I felt again when parting with a person I love, I continued to dance. “Dance” captures and expresses a life full of drama.

Cast: Kashiwagi Midori, Saruwaka Seizaburo, Hanayagi Sumizo


Saruwaka Seizaburo


Hanayagi Sumizo

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