Peace Concert IN HIROSHIMA

July 3, 2015

JMS Aster Plaza, Hiroshima


For over the past 70 years, The City of Hiroshima has been working tirelessly to spread the message of peace to the world. To further pursue our peace-making efforts, symbolizing our hope for friendship and understanding among all nations and cultures, the special artists of Harmony for Peace will be joined by the young performers of Hiroshima. 


         We “pray and play” for more peaceful world and for a global community

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Featured Special Artists


Voice and Piano Duo


Yoonhak Baek


South Korea

Daniel Oh


South Korea


Participating School Groups

Hiroshima University Orchestra


Hiroshima Noboricho Elementary School Choir

Hiroshima Motomachi High School Choir

Honoka Kikukawa


Harmony For Peace Foundation

Jr. Peace and Music Ambassador

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