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Butterfly Art Project "CONNECT"

Be Creative! Children and students can participate in our brand new initiative by coloring or drawing on their Butterfly Cards. Bring it to our next concert, or send it in along with a message of Hope and Love for Tomorrow!
No Violence, No War, No Conflicts, No Hatred but just Love.
A butterfly is a symbol of freedom, love and friendship. Let’s fill our concert venues with more butterflies from you! Our concerts are being held in many places not only in the United States. These butterflies will be sent outside the US and decorate one of our concert venues where they will encourage many children and students.
Photos by: Ben Munson

Create one now for your chance to win prizes!

Want to create a butterfly of your own?
Who can participate in the Butterfly Art Project:
Anyone up to a high school student. With a personal group, or as a school project or just as an individual to participate. 
The collected butterfly cards after displayed at our concerts are sent to the countries outside the US, such as in Africa and Asia and will be delivered to children in remote places where your message will be read, enjoyed and will encourage many.
1. Print out and color your butterfly!
2. Register to win prizes by submitting.
3. Bring your butterfly to the concert for a chance to win prizes! 
-  Harmony For Peace will send your message and butterfly art to our friends in the partner organizations overseas to share and give a gift of love from you in the form of your butterfly art - 
-- Can't come to our concert? Just mail your butterfly card to the address on the card and it will still be displayed at our concert(s)! --

Thank you for participating in the Butterfly Art Project!

Most recent participation:

  • Joyce Kilmer Elementary School, Cherry Hill, NJ

  • LEAP Academy Elementary School, Camden, NJ

  • Villa Maria Academy, Malvern, PA

  • Chazy Central High School, Chazy, NY

  • Fox Meadow Elementary School, NY


Contact with any questions! 
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