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Chatting with Doug!

Farah Siraj_Photo by Yasmina Barbero.jpg

August 31st, 2018: Farah Siraj,  2018 Harmony For Peace Peace Messenger


Doug:  Congratulations on being selected as 2018 Peace Messenger for the Harmony for Peace Foundation!  What was your reaction to being chosen?


Farah: I am delighted to be chosen as the 2018 Peace Messenger for Harmony for Peace Foundation. It is an honor and a privilege to receive this. My work as an artist has focused on peace and humanitarian causes, and I feel that the Harmony for Peace Foundation’s mission couldn’t be more in alignment with that. I  believe I the foundation's goals and aspirations and admire everything they are doing for peace on both a local and global scale. It is an honor to be able to contribute. 


Doug: What will your "message" be during your featured performance at the upcoming Harmony for Peace concert September 15th at the Suzanne Roberts Theater in Philadelphia?


Farah: It is important for all art to have a message, and music is a powerful medium for that. My message will be one of peace and unity. Music has an incredible capacity for bringing people together and creating a sense of community and that is what I am aiming for in my performance. Also, hope to send a message of hope, and encourage people to treat themselves and each other with kindness and make positive changes in the world.


Doug: Speaking of your upcoming performance, what musical experience should we look forward to?


Farah:  I would like to take the audience on a musical journey, crossing borders and taking an adventure together. My performance will fuse Arabic music with flamenco and jazz. I will also sing some of my peace songs, which I feel will especially resonate with Harmony For Peace’s audience.


Doug: You've performed at amazing venues for the Harmony for Peace concerts, such as Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC.  And next year,  Powell Hall in St. Louis, one of the finest in the states.   What do you love about performing in front of Harmony for Peace audiences?


Farah: What I love about Harmony for Peace audiences is that they are diverse, open and believe in the powerful message of peace. They know that peace starts from within, and you can feel it when you get on stage. They are a very special audience!


Doug: Farah Siraj! You are truly an inspiration as a Harmony for Peace Foundation messenger! Your music and message bridge all divides and truly unify, not just the audience, but humanity! I always look forward to hearing what new musical frontiers you are exploring!

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