Harmony For Peace Tenth Anniversary Series

One World Concert 2019

Together We Play for Peace

New York

Sun.11.10.2019. 6 PM   NYU Skirball

 Thank you for your warm support for our


Here are some images from the concert!

(Photo: Yuki Neo)

Bronze Doushin: The Power of Music

The Japanese band Bronze Doushin combines taiko drumming and the string instrument koto - with plenty of rock and jazz mixed in. Join us for an exciting program as we celebrate peace and friendship through the power of music and its ability to unite cultures around the world. 

Bohemian Rapsody, Imagine, Phantom of Opera, Someday My Prince Will Come, My Favorite Things, Killing Me Softly,

You Will be Found, Baba Yetu, The Prayer of the Wind, Tsugaru Funk, Yanase, and more


This program will also feature original music by Bronze Doushin,  Royce Martin and others.


Bronze Doushin


Royce Martin



Trevon Sullen 



Glen Cove Select Chorale


Malik Winfield



Malachi Rosemond



OLMA Select Chorus


Thanks to Manhattan Portage, you can win a MP bag with your concert ticket!
(Manhattan Portage is Official Bag of Harmony For Peace and Peace Partner)
“Win the Raffle Prize at the concert!”
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