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Holiday Peace Concert in New York

December 19th, 2016

Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall

 “One Voice One World”

This special evening brought together world artists and New York metropolitan area youth orchestras and choirs in a harmonious call for global peace,  respect and understanding to envision a safer and more peaceful world for our children and for future generations.  All performed together to promote our message of “Play Together for Peace” as a merged group, symbolizing global unity and friendship to offer a true sense of "One Voice One World." At the finale, all 300 performers sang and played in unison one final celebratory song for this Holiday Season.
Featured Artists
Margaret Keys
Doug Shimmel, Host
Micheal Dadap
Gohei Nishikawa
Lawrence Markiewicz
Julia Chin
Max Wang
Honoka Kikukawa
Paris Arin
Noah Lee
Brendan Zak
Sejung An
Peter Wang
Children's Orchestra's Young Symphonic Ensemble
Herricks High School Orchestra
Herricks High School Choir
Concert Orchestra, Interschool Orchestras of New York
Glen Cove High School Chorale
Our Lady of Mercy Chamber Chorus


Dvorak New World Symphony No.9, Beethoven Coriolan Overerture Op. 62, Rachmaninoff Prelude, Vivaldi Four Violins Concerto,

Christmas Cantata “Love Transcending”, Ave Maria, Let There Be Peace on Earth, and others.

Special World Premier of “Winter – Fuyu”

by Liam Picker  

St Aidan Girl's Choir
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