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Second Annual International Peace Day Concert

September 20, 2014

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia


"A World of Talent United For Peace"

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Art Image: “Harmony” by Ai Yamanaka, The Second Prize Winner of Art for Peace 2012 

Celebrate Peace. Embrace Diversity.


We made a commitment to continue this youth musical collaboration for peace annually to express our support for non-violence globally, as well as in our communities.

Our sincerest thanks to all who supported and collaborated with us.

We could not have done it without you. 


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Concert Program
Part I
Metropolitan Ballet Academy
Philadelphia Girls Choir
Chester County Youth Choir and Chorale
ChildrenSong of New Jersey
Philadelphia Boys Choir
Part II
Samuel Walter, Cello
Micah Walter, Violin
Harmony For Peace Quartet
Part III
 Special Guests
The Moffet School Drummers 
Ohad (Udi) Bar-David, Cello
Hafez Javier Kotain, Dourmbek
Hanna Khoury, Violin
Jiebing Chen, Erhu
Christina Lamberti, Soprano
Daniel Maimone, Tenor
Maestro Reona Ito, Conductor
Harmony For Peace Chamber Orchestra

Doug Shimell

Concert Emcee

Featured Special Guests

Ohad Bar David, cello

Philadelphia Orchestra

Reona Ito, conductor

Jiebing Chen, Erhu 

Hanna Khoury, violin

Hafez Kotain, percussion

Christina Lamberti, soprano

Daniel Maimone, tenor

Special Group Performers

The Harmony4Peace Quartet


Micah Walter, Violin

Samuel Walter, Cello

Oxana Harlamova, Piano

Matthew Walker, Clarinet

The Walter Brothers Are Back!

Cellist Samuel Walter

Violinist Micah Walter

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