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Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Program and Competition

Congratulations To
The 2023 Winners!

and a huge thanks to all who applied! 

Kirsten Jonathan_edited.jpg

Kirsten Jonathan

2023 Jr. Peace and Music Ambassador

Chen, Clara Photo.jpg

Clara Chen

First Prize, Piano

11-14 Age Category

2023 school picture James.jpg

James Gates

First Prize, Piano

15-18 Age Category


Aavi Sircar

Runner Up, Piano

11-14 Age Category

Screenshot 2023-09-24 185139_edited.jpg

Daniel Adibi

Runner Up, Piano

15-18 Age Category

Elliot Anderson_edited.jpg

Elliot Gulacsi Anderson

Runner Up, Strings

11-14 Age Category

Daniel Chung_edited.jpg

Micah Chung

Special Judge Prize

photo: Courtesy of A Galucsi
JPAM 2019 ceremony.jpg

Jr Peace Ambassador Award

Isabella Florenda
Jr. Peace & Music Ambassador 2019, Lower Age Category
andy wu.jpg
Andy Wu
Jr. Peace & Music Ambassador 2019, Upper Age Category

 2019 Winners

Elizabeth Yang.jpg
Elizabeth Yang
First Prize, Piano, Upper Age Category
Kenneth He.jpg
Kenneth He
Second Prize, Piano, Upper Age Category
William Ge.jpg
Wiliam Ge
First Prize, Piano, Upper Age Category
Rachel Wang.jpg
Rachel Wang
Second Prize, Piano, Upper Age Category
Mina K.jpg
Mina Kanburlar
Third Prize, Piano, Upper Age Category

2018 Winners

Alexander Wu, 2018 Jr Peace & Music Ambassador, Upper Age Category.
Henry Wu,  Second Prize Piano, Lower Age Category.

Micheal Zhou, Honorary Mention Piano, Lower Age Category.

Noelle Midori Takabe Naito, First Prize Strings, Upper Age Category.
Tienne Yu, First Prize Strings,  Lower Age Category.
Alyssa Gabrilovich, Runner up First Prize, Lower Age Category.
Emma Lo, 2018 Jr Peace & Music Ambassador, Lower Age Category.
Seungho Lee,  Second Prize Strings, Upper Age Category.
Rachael Wang, Third Prize Piano, Lower Age Category

 2017 Winners

Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Lower Age Category: Max Wang, Piano

Max's Peace Message:  

It is about being free, sharing and helping each other, tearing down barriers, so all of us can be comfortable together. I remember a song that John Lennon wrote, it is called, "Imagine" one of the lines said: "Nothing to kill or die for; No need for greed or hunger; A brotherhood of man; all the people sharing all the world; and the world can live as one." Music has no border; music is a universal language that the world understands; it transcends cultural differences and hatred. It can bring love and understanding to our hearts and ultimately, the world can live as one. A musician could use their music to bring people together and forget their differences and to make a difference in people's lives.

Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Upper Age Category: Joseph Hsia, Violin

Joseph's Peace Message:  

Peace is a freedom from disturbance, attaining tranquility in conflict and embracing diversity with respect. It arrives at a common ground with compromises from those involved. Music, invoking pathos and humanity, provides the common ground empowering musicians to bridge differences and build harmonic friendships. To little avail, the United Nations plays a pivotal role in promoting peace in the Middle East. Maestro Barenboim, however, brought Israeli and Arab musicians together to make music, successfully crossing the perilous gulf of prejudice and animosity in Gaza, thereby developing mutual edification. My musical performances reach audiences of all background and ages. I have been invited to perform in a fundraising concert for the Nassau Refugee Resettlement for their recently sponsored Syrian refugee family. The classical music, composed hundreds years ago in Europe, will carry us transcending our cultural borders: my Asian ethnicity, the American audience and the Syrian family, creating peace and friendship.

Runner Up; First Prize, Strings: AJ LaBarca

First Prize Piano: LiYuan Byrne

Second Prize Piano: Cihan Sahin

2016 Winners

Upper Age Category: Noah Lee, violin

Lower Age Category: Paris Aspen Arin, piano

Honorable Mentions: Peter Wang, piano  & Julia Chin, violin

Past Winners & Finalists

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