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Made from melted nuclear steel

Limited Quantity

Inscription: "Peace is Disarming" (1-100)

Peace Pendant

SKU: 12345678

  • The “Peace Pendant” has been made for Harmony For Peace from melted nuclear weapon steal  – inscribed and individually numbered.

    July 22, 2011, Nagasaki - The world’s first scrapped nuclear weapon was melted down and poured into ingot molds by citizens of Nagasaki.

    The film GATE, documenting the impact and destruction of nuclear bombings, was released in Japan during the summer of 2008 with unprecedented support from both corporations and politicians, and three years later the first container holding 10 tons of scrap metal from a dismantled nuclear submarine arrived in Nagasaki.

    Ingots made from the metal was displayed at Kotaiji Temple, Nagasaki on August 8th and 9th before being given to companies and made into fashion accessories generating further public funds in dismantling more nuclear weapons.

    Harmony For Peace Foundation obtained this steel and created just 100 “Peace Pendants.”

    This is a limited edition collection. Kindly understand that available numbers may change as we progress.

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