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Tokyo Weekender reporter Sarah Custen attended our International Peace Concert in Tokyo Japan and talked to our special artists this past April. In a world where everyone is bombarded with messages, promotions and agendas, she says it takes experiencing our concert to to truly be moved and inspired, understanding a message for peace through music. 


This is Harmony’s second Japan-based concert in 2015, and is the latest in a series of international and internationally-minded concerts that began with the organization’s founding in 2009.


Harmony for Peace’s founder and executive director, Tomoko Torii, has been actively promoting intercultural exchange since her late teens, with a focus on the inclusion and well-being of children. In response to the general decline of musical education U.S. schools, Torii sought to emphasize “the richness of multicultural understanding” through music, founding her first NPO (Intermusica) in 1999, followed by Harmony for Peace, a decade later. “I felt a desire to build an international platform for musicians and artists,” she said, “to use their talents to inspire change within a world full of social, religious and political turmoil and conflict.”


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