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B-Gifted Foundation of Sierra Leone

The B-Gifted Foundation , with great courage and creativity, has been tackling the huge task of helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild their lives and establish a society based on peace, nonviolent cooperation, following a decade of war and violence—and now Ebola. Their programs give hope to people for a future of sustainable development and human dignity by promoting friendship, peace, and collaboration. Specifically, their work includes promoting social justice legislature, conducting non-violence workshops for people in Sierra Leone and other countries, organizing peace clubs in schools, engaging women and young people in technology education for global interaction and education, and promoting arts that foster peace, human rights and social justice.


The B-Gifted foundation has developed many tools, including, for example the imaginative use of technology to give war amputees needed skills so that they can rebuild their lives as well as their country, as well as raise the resources they need to carry out their dreams. The Foundation also helps war victims by documenting their personal stories, and in that process gives them hope.

They hope to continue making impact through creative partnership for peace with Harmony for Peace.

Check out their website here for more information!

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