2011 International Juried Peace Art Exhibition

Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY


An exhibition of 50 works of art that share a theme of Peace















 First Prize: Chihiro Kondo “Love Wind”


Our first International Juried Peace Art Exhibition was a wonderful success! Thank you to our esteemed Jury, talented participating artists, and all those in attendance at our reception, as well as, our weekend mini-concerts.


Our Peace Art Exhibition continues, please visit our Online Gallery !



We announced the winners of our first International Juried Peace Art Competition and Exhibition at an awards ceremony on Friday, June 3rd, 2011. The Exhibition took place at the renowned Chelsea Art Museum, located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, the heart of New York City’s contemporary art scene.


First prize was awarded to Chihiro Kondo for “Love Wind,” a work of acrylic and Japanese paint on board. Second prize was awarded to Suzu Ishii for her painting of “In Search for…” and third prize was awarded to Victoria Goro-Rapoport for her work “Mephisto’s Feast”. Two honorable mentions, the Peace and Harmony prizes, were awarded to Toshiyuki Watanabe (“No More Hiroshima. No More Nagasaki”) and Kathryn Hart (“Domination”) respectively.

Second Prize: Suzu Ishii "In Search for..."
Third Prize: Victoria Goro-Rapoport “Mephisto’s Feast”
Peace Prize: Toshiyuki Watanabe “No More Hiroshima. No More Nagasaki”
Harmony Prize: Kathryn Hart “Domination”
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