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Concert 2GO

What is Concert2GO?

We bring to a school a live music performance by leading artists, from many cultures and across many genres, with stories of inspiring moments; singing together, spending fun filled, moving moments with students.


•Music to connect young people

•Bring music to enhance music programs

•Create volunteering and mentoring opportunities for personal growth 

•Provide a free program

Thank you for the warm reception for our visit!


  • Furness High School, Philadelphia, PA

  • Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

  • Harry C. Sharp Elementary School​, Camden, NJ 

  • LEAP ACADEMY, Camden, NJ


  • Camden Promise School, Camden, NJ

  • Pan American Academy Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

  • Coatesville Schools, Coatesville, PA ... and others.

Harmony For Peace will visit more schools bringing CONCERT2GO in 2020!

Do you want us to come to your school for our next Concert 2GO? Email us at for more information!


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November 22, 2016- Our First Concert 2Go at Richard Stockton Elementary School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The students, parents, teachers and also the neighboring community attended the concert filled their auditorium to the back row. It was held in a very friendly and lively atmosphere. All performers were so excited to see so many young audience members coming with their whole family felt very emotional and appreciated. 


Thank you Richard Stockton Elementary for having us!

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