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The 1st International Peace Art Competition

Chelsea Art Museum

New York, New York

The fifty Peace-themed artworks exhibited created a lively, visual dialogue about peace and global awareness, one that we hope will continue to grow until more reasonable solutions to conflicts around the world are employed.


Our Exhibition hosted works from nine countries. Many exhibiting artists were in attendance, joined by our jury panel chaired by Hiroshi Senju, renowned visual artist; Julian Robson, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia, environmental conservationist and conceptual art photographer; HFP Board Members Mark Di Paolo (Chair of the project) and Dr. Alex Motyl, a visual artist and author, as well as many guests at the Opening (See Slideshow Here).


The artwork selection was based on the artist’s depiction of world peace, global awareness or peace making and their artist statement.



















Jamaican classical pianist Paul Shaw, hailed by The New York Times as “both a virtuoso with herculean technical command and a sensitive introspective artist,” performed at the opening ceremony on Friday. On Saturday, we presented a concert featuring Daniel Maimone (tenor), Asako Tamura (soprano) and Drago Bubalo (piano). On Sunday, June 5th, Pianist Gideon Broshy performed classical music selections, and Wataru Niimori (jazz piano) and Akiko Sasaki (koto, a Japanese traditional stringed instrument) collaborated on a jazz set which attracted many guests. (music slideshow *).

Peace Art Jury Members: Joe Zammit-Lucia, Tomoko Torii, Hiroshi Senju, Mark Di Paolo & Julien Robson, Dr. Alexander Motyl (not pictured)  (photo courtesy of Sarah Stacke)

Soprano Asako Tamura accompanied by pianist Paul Shaw (photo courtesy of Sarah Stacke)



Mary March - Price: $3200

"Children's Dream..1945"

"Children's Dream..1945"

Chisako Osakda - Price: $550

"Talking Truth"

"Talking Truth"

PD Packard - Price: $850

Exhibiting Artists

Our Peace Art Exhibition continues online at, where the pieces (ranging from $150 to $8,000) are available for sale.


(Example of some available works with pricing above).


A price list for the artworks is available by email:

or phone:  or 484-885-8539.


A portion of the proceeds will go to our Japan Relief Fund, which is dedicated to helping those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred in March, 2011.

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