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The Screening of the Documentary Film 

“In My Lifetime”


 - The Nuclear World Project –


was presented jointly by


The Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Villanova University 

and the Harmony For Peace Foundation


on Monday, November 19, 2012 from 7pm  

at Cinema Connelly Center, Villnova University, Villanova, PA









Many students and faculty members along with the neighboring communities attended the screening and participated in a discussion after the screening with the film maker and director, Mr. Robert Frye.











“The film is described as one of the most powerful and impressive documentaries of the nuclear

age presently available showing the effects and consequences of nuclear weapons.”  


“A truthful depiction of the realities of the nuclear age.” 



• Welcome reception with an art exhibit of select pieces from our “International Peace Art 2011” 

• Screening with an Introduction by Robert Frye (Producer and Director of In My Lifetime)

• Post-Screening – A dialogue with Robert Frye















(“No More Hiroshima” & “No More Nagasaki” by Toshiyuki Watanabe)



Excerpt from Director’s Statement:

“In My Lifetime” takes on the complex realities of “the nuclear world”, and searches internationally for an answer to the question is there a Way Beyond? This documentary is part wake up call, part challenge for people to engage with the issue of ridding the world of the most destructive weapon ever invented…” (Robert Frye)

More information on the film can be found at



About Robert Frye 

Robert E. Frye is an Emmy award winning producer and director of documentaries and network news programs for over four decades. His recently completed documentary “In My Lifetime: A presentation of The Nuclear World Project tells the story of the sixty five year struggle to find solutions on how to dispose of and reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world.  

More at 



 For more information, please email or call 484-200-7400

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