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Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Competition Program

Jr Peace & Music Ambassador Competition 2020

Thank you for your participation. It is now closed.


Become Our Next Cross-Cultural Music Representative!     

Categories: Strings, Piano, Brass, and Wind & Concerto

The winners will be featured at our Peace Concerts and will represent Harmony For Peace at musical and cultural events, promoting global peace and friendship.   

The Competition's 2 Age Categories:

  • Upper Category  (Age 15 to 18)

  • Lower Category  (Age 11 to 14)


This year we will implement live stream audition for the finals.

More information updates later!

     We invite you to join our effort in using the power of music to spread our message of
global peace and friendship.


To encourage our mission of international understanding and collaboration, Harmony For Peace has created the unique role of “Junior Peace and Music Ambassador.”  The Junior Ambassador is a yearlong honorary title given to a selected musical talent(s).  He or she will be coached and mentored by a known professional artist and will be presented and featured at the Harmony For Peace’s International Peace Concerts.  


During a term, the Junior Peace and Music Ambassador represents Harmony For Peace and gives “community service” time to promote peace and friendship among young people, through performances or cultural and event activities for outreach calling for a more harmonious world.


Appearances at these events are voluntary and are planned in advance with the winner and his or her guardian. Above all, the Junior Peace and Music Ambassador represents his or her cultural heritage - promoting unity through music.  

Information on the past competitions.


JPMA2020 application form.png

IMPORTANT: Competition Application Instruction for print.

Click the link.

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Participating Judge Panel 2020

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