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Thank you for your work of art, words and all!

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Uma, India

"Born to Unite, Born to Win!
Marching to fight,
Today or tomorrow 
Forever on forever on!!"

Jennifer M, USA

Petition for World Peace: 
I THE UNDERSIGNED, seek to promote world peace and a world free of nuclear weapons for children and their children. We believe in the power of the unifying art of music and images to deliver a message of peace and nonviolence across the globe. The world is all of humanities environment and without peace, our environment will become toxic. Negativity does not help to create a world filled with happiness and love, it has an adverse effect on our environment and can harmfully affects people's lives. Nuclear weapons is the pure essence of evil and should not ever be used to gain power nor control over any circumstances! Let’s communicate and use the universal language of art and music to defend our future for all of humanity against the evil ego’s and weapons of destruction.

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