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Why Music and The Arts?

Regardless of culture or nationality, music and art have a unique power, able to convey the emotions of the artists through their medium. It transforms into something beautiful, uniting; expressing love, friendship, acceptance and forgiveness. It's why a painting, poem or a song have the ability to transcend national borders and cultural barriers; music and artistry are universal languages.

Our Story


The motivation behind "Harmony for Peace" reaches beyond national boundaries. Staged every year since 2009 in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Vienna, Hiroshima and Tokyo, our Concerts for World Peace seek to inspire harmony among nations and faiths, as well as groups divided by creeds and political leanings.
In a tranquil part of the bustling metropolis of Hiroshima, Japan, a Peace Memorial has been dedicated to a Swiss doctor and an American journalist who journeyed to the crippled city after the war to help victims of the bomb. A monument now stands in their honor, acknowledging their contribution to humanity and their effort to blur national borders to serve all who needed help.
A "Harmony for Peace" concert is designed to establish a different kind of memorial to a global vision: a meeting of minds and a joining of hands, guided by the light of hope.


Ms. Tomoko Torii, Founding Partner, President and Executive Director of the Harmony for Peace Foundation and Ms. Yasuko Mitsui, Honorary Advisor and Founding Partner of the Foundation visit the Hiroshima Memorial Park on March 12, 2010.


(Video Produced by TVC-Net, Japan: Toshio Nakada, Taku Seitoh, Tadashi Yamamoto & Hide Tsuchiya)


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