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A Worldwide Message for Peace

Peace Video Campaign

We invite you now to be one of our peace messengers, to become a member of a global family.


Send us your video, your message of what peace means to you.

Just a sentence is enough, yet your message is what matters. Be the first, in what we hope will be thousands, to express your definition of peace.


Join the Global Appeal for Peace


































Peace Video Instructions

(PDF Version Here)

Translated Versions



Spanish/ Espanol 



More translations will be posted

What you will need:


Smart Phone or video camera - clear sound and picture

Poster Board/Thick Paper for Your message


Your Message:

  • Write - “What peace means to you?” on your poster board

  • Bold and neat.

  • In English

  • Add your country of residence beneath it. (smaller and bottom of the sign board)

  • If English is not your native language, write in English but you recite your message in your native language during the video.



  • Get creative! Stand in front of a landmark if you can to visually explain where you are, i.e. Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls etc.

  • If you’d like you can get a group of people to recite it together, i.e. school friends, colleagues, families

  • Video length should be no more than 15 seconds

  • Hold your sign up and recite your message.


Also send us your (in Word or PDF file):

  • Name(s),  Age(s) (or age range), Country of Residence

  • One Liner - What Does Peace Mean To You?


Where to Send your video and document:

Online: Important and helpful tip for uploading video file - using Dropbox account.

If you don't already have one, you will need to create a dropbox account. (It’s a popular safe app to send image files and FREE!)

  • Create a new folder and title it Peace Video.Country.Full Name.Date (ex: PeaceVideo.USA.KristinKownacky.7/25).

  • Add your video to this folder, the name on the video needs to be the same as the folder. Your video and information should be the only thing in the folder.

  • Go to the left side of your dropbox page and click the sharing link (rainbow icon).

  • Click the blue tab on the right side of the screen "New Shared Folder." Share an existing folder and locate your folder you would like to send.

  • Invite view the folder.


That's it! We've got it from here. We will accept your invitation shortly, and will start our editing process. We’ll email you with further information.

Kindly refrain from sharing your individual video on any social media or video sites such as Youtube. Once we put our video together - you can share as much as you like! Any video uploaded before our official campaign will not be a part in it. Sorry! Harmony For Peace retains the copyright to all the video clips we receive.


Contact us for any questions: at 

Use this video from Bennett at Chester County School

Thanks for your great message Bennett!

Or Send Us a Group Message!

Like the Musashino School in Tokyko

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