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Okayama Wake Junior High School:

Pledge for Peace

On March 12, at Hiroshima Memorial Park

"When we stepped out of our car, there was a stream of voice singing and then we came upon a sight of young students assembled in front of Sadako's Statue at Hiroshima Memorial Park. Immediately we approached them and asked them whether we can hear them sing again. With their permission we recorded their singing. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life." -Tomoko Torii

 (Video produced by TVC-Net, Japan: Toshio Nakada, Taku Seitoh, Tadashi Yamamoto, & Hide Tsuchiya)

A Pledge for Peace (English Translation)

Let us begin our Peace Meet.
Stand Straight!

(Words of Pledge for Peace)

We pledge, we shall never use a nuclear weapon.
We pledge, we will eliminate wars as they are in vain and breed hatred.
We pledge, we will protect peace on earth.
And, we pledge, this world will be filled with peoples joy and not with weapons.

Road that stretches forever 
Road that ends nowhere
Yes, we are always walking

Everyone wants to live in happiness
Life has an ending, so live with joy

A feeling of helplessness and tears of parting
Embrace all
Look beyond tomorrow with a smile
Wipe you tears, dont t look back

Why do we fight and hate each other?
Why cant we understand each other and not hurt one another?

In the distant past 
Earth was born
And now, all peoples mingle

No words can describe my feeling overflowing
I want to tell the sky
Tears, smiles
We can share all

Joy of living
Sorrow of living
Embrace all
Lets welcome tomorrow with a smile
And shine always and forever

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