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Chatting with Doug!

November 22, 2017: Max Wang, Junior Peace and Music Ambassador 2017

Doug:     Max, you're how old and you've already played Carnegie Hall? 

Max:       I'm 13 years old. Put it simply, performing at Carnegie Hall was a grand experience. The atmosphere in the hall felt like a scene out of a dream, and the architecture of the hall was extravagant. It was so extravagant that it felt sort of intimidating, as I was feeling a strong sense of adrenaline.

Doug:     At the Harmony for Peace Foundation at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, you performed Beethoven's 1st, the "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso, and Liam Picker's original composition, "Winter." Which was your favorite, and why? 

Max:       "Winter." The composition had a sensitive backstory to it. And through the rhythms and musical expressions, there was a lot of room to bring out the meaning of the composition. The way I approached the composition, felt like I held an immense responsibility to bring out the message of the work. It seemed unique compared to Beethoven's 1st and the "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso.

Doug:     Where would you like to see yourself, musically and professionally, in ten years? Twenty years?

Max:       I currently don't have a clear vision of what exactly I want to be in the future yet. There are a lot of things I'm interested in, being a chef, a film director, and many others. But I definitely want to see myself in a music-based career. Composing my own scores, being a concert musician, that sort of business. 

Doug:     If you had to learn another instrument, what would it be? Why?

Max:       To many people's surprise, the viola. The viola has the versatility of both the violin and the cello. Having the rich tones of a cello, yet incorporating some of the sweet tones of the violin. It has this sort of resonant and sonorous sound to it which I feel, is more attuned to my personality

Doug:     Are the Eagles going to the Super Bowl?

Max:       To be honest, I don't really follow football often. The only time I watch football is during the Super Bowl, haha. However, the sports I do enjoy watching, not as mainstream as football, baseball, soccer, and the sort. But figure skating, skiing, and volleyball.
Doug Shimell (Actor, narrator, MC, and TV reporter, formerly NBC10 TV Philadelphia).  Doug Shimell is an Emmy-winning journalist and actor, whose TV news career spans 34 years. He has chased tornadoes in Oklahoma and rooted out political corruption in Texas. Doug has advocated for the voiceless and powerless in taking on corporations and governments.  His coverage created tougher laws governing truck drivers and puppy mill operators. Doug recently retired from NBC News in Philadelphia, which allows him to pursue his film and theater career full time. He just appeared off-Broadway in, "A Sketch of New York," Associate Produced the documentary, Ghostheads on Netflix and appears in TV and digital commercials for Activia and AT&T airing this Fall. Doug is an avid tennis player and lives in suburban Philadelphia.
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