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Chatting with Doug!

January 3rd, 2018: Paris Aspen Arin, Junior Peace and Music Ambassador 2016 

Doug: What was your most important mission as a Harmony for Peace Junior Ambassador?


Paris: My most important mission started with my own self. I have to be exemplary student and human being because everything starts with the person on the mirror, yourself. I tried to give the message of hope to children in the face of difficulties in the world. There are so many bad things are happening and children are the most affected of all. But music gives hope, sheds some light and shares love. Its the love that makes us heal.


Doug: Describe your reactions at being asked by HFP to perform at both Carnegie Hall and Jazz at Lincoln Center?


Paris: I was very excited, happy and honored to perform with HFP. I believe in it and I always do my best at these performances. I would like to thank Mrs. Torii for inviting me to these wonderful concerts at these prestigious concert halls.


Doug: What favorite artist or composer has influenced you?


Paris: I love Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I love his music, I love the emotions he expressed throughout his music and I love the his melodies. My teachers Dr. Irene Fox, Dr. Paul Posnak, and Jonathan Keith have influenced the way I play piano since I was 2.5 years old.


Doug: Tell me about the inspiration for, "Sonatina in the Woods?"


Paris: I have been writing and drawing stories since 6 years old. Its a passion of mine. The series were inspired by my lovely, happy, and clumsy dog Sonatina. She is always with me and every moment somehow she gives me ideas for a story.


Doug: Will there be a sequel to "Sonatina?" Give us a sneak preview!


Paris: I have many projects about Sonatina’s Adventures. I am on the research stages of new Guide Books for Grand Canyon and Empire State Building. I already finished the stories for Sonatina’s Adventures with Shekaspeare, Coca Cola (Dr. Pemberton) and Van Gogh. We are also working on a cartoon series.

Doug: You have some of the most lavish on-stage outfits. Who or what inspires those ensembles?


Paris: My mom and me decide on the outfits depending on the venue. Recent fashion trends inspires the clothes and my mom is incredible with fashion. She puts them together as costumes. I love my boots, and my headbands.  

Doug Shimell (Actor, narrator, MC, and TV reporter, formerly NBC10 TV Philadelphia).  Doug Shimell is an Emmy-winning journalist and actor, whose TV news career spans 34 years. He has chased tornadoes in Oklahoma and rooted out political corruption in Texas. Doug has advocated for the voiceless and powerless in taking on corporations and governments.  His coverage created tougher laws governing truck drivers and puppy mill operators. Doug recently retired from NBC News in Philadelphia, which allows him to pursue his film and theater career full time. He just appeared off-Broadway in, "A Sketch of New York," Associate Produced the documentary, Ghostheads on Netflix and appears in TV and digital commercials for Activia and AT&T airing this Fall. Doug is an avid tennis player and lives in suburban Philadelphia.
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