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Junior Peace and Music Ambassador JAPAN 2015

The Competition is now closed, but will reopen again, next year

We know that you believe in power of music,

That music touches our hearts,

That music speaks for us.

Music crosses oceans and borders,

Reaching to many around the world,

Uniting people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Music makes a difference in the world each day,

and as you play, together,

you are part of that difference.

Congratulations to Ms. Honoka Kikukawa,

our first Junior Peace and Music Ambassador in Japan!

Honoka was a feature performer at our International Peace Concert in Tokyo

Her Peace Message:
Last January, Yoko Nagae, who was my idol, whom I respected very much, passed away. She loved music very much and hoped for peace in the world. I feel I am one of her followers who should take on her vision for the peace in the world in the future.
As a musician, I learned a lot of things from her since I was a child.
Even now, there is a conflict is happening somewhere in the world. We are all human beings, so everyone must hope to live together in peace. What is the way to unite our hearts? It must be music. Music is a common language. With movements through music, we can unite. This is a mission for the people who love and work through music.
Gen Matsuda of AsZ Holdings Inc. and Harmony For Peace Executive Director Ms. Tomoko Torii present Jr. Ambassador Japan Honoka Kikukawa with a special award.
The Competition 

To encourage our mission of international understanding and collaboration, the Japan Junior Ambassador is a yearlong honorary title given to a selected musical talent from Japan or surrounding countries, of any cultural background or heritage. After various levels of auditions, the winner will be coached and mentored by a known professional artist, and will be presented and featured at Harmony For Peace’s Second International Peace Concert in Tokyo.


During a term, the Junior Peace and Music Ambassador represents Harmony For Peace and gives “community service” time to promote peace and friendship among youth through performances or cultural event activities sponsored by Harmony For Peace.


Appearances at these events are voluntary and are planned in advance with the winner and his or her guardian.


Above all, the Junior Peace and Music Ambassador represents his or her cultural heritage - promoting unity through music with others.  




Key Dates:

  • February 9, 2015                  The Application closes on 11:59 p.m.

  • February 15 – 22                  The results of the first round selection announced

  • February 28 – March 1       Only one day will be assigned for Final auditions, central Tokyo

  • March 3 – 8                            The final results will be announced

  • April 10, 2015                        The winner performs Solo at the Second International Peace Concert

  • April 11, 2015                        The winners and awardees will be presented at Award Ceremony, Tokyo



  • The selected winner will receive a feature spot at our International Peace Concert at the Metropolitan Theatre in Tokyo, Japan on April 10, 2015

  • A monetary prize of 50,000 yen will be presented to the winner. 

  • An award ceremony will be organized to honor the selected talent on the following day of the concert in Tokyo.

  • There will be a runner up if applicable.

Johan de Meij 

Conductor, trombonist and composer; well known for his Symphony No. 1 "Lord of the Rings"; 2014 guest conductor of The New York Wind Symphony & The Kyushu Wind Orchestra in Fukuoka, Japan.

Participating Judge Panel 2015

Elemer Lavotha

Principal cellist for Sweden Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Member of Royal Academy of Music; professor at the Royal College of Music

Dr. Solomon Mikowsky

Pianist; Piano Music Department, Manhattan School of Music, New York, USA; Director of International Piano Festivals

Reona Ito 

Conductor; Harmony For Peace Foundation;Music Director of the Reona Ito Chamber Orchestra & Chorus; Associate Music Director of the Chikuho Youth Orchestra (Japan); Music director of Zagreb Sinfonietta in Zagreb, Croatia

Ohad Bar-David

Cellist for the Philadelphia Orchestra; international chamber musician and cross-cultural performer; newest album Beyond Borders 

Competition Background

The first competition for the US Junior Ambassador Program began in June 2014. Final auditions were held in August with a professional panel judging. Brenden Zak, a 16-year-old violinist from Ocean City, New Jersey, was announced as the winner and was featured at the Second International Peace Day Concert at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. He will represent Harmony For Peace in the coming year at musical cultural events.



Competition Guidelines and Submission


Please follow these steps for your submission: 

  • You must be between the ages of 15 and 20.

  • A note of permission from your guardian, i.e. parents is required during application submission

  • You must have a minimum of three years of music instruction.  Please tell us the nameof yourinstrumental teacher(s).

  • Your musical talent must be one of these categories - string, piano, brass and wind.

  • You must send in a recording of you playing your instrument on a video tape.  It needs to be a high-quality video recording lasting no more than five minutes.  The recording must be of an individual performance in a private setting. (High quality recording, non-commercial video.)

  • Please tell us your heritage/culture that you represent.

  • On the form, submit a paragraph on what peace means to you and how a musician can play a role in peace and friendship.

  • Please fill out the form (Full mailing address required)

  • Please include a 5,000 yen processing fee with your submission.

  • Please make a Payment here.



Important tip for uploading video file - using Dropbox account.

  • If you don't already have one, you will need to create a dropbox account (free application.)a

  • Create a new folder and title it (ex: KristinKownacky.brass.7/21). Add your video to this folder, the name on the video the same as the folder. Your video should be the only thing in the folder.

  • Go to the left side of your dropbox page and click the sharing link (rainbow icon).

  • Click the blue tab on the right side of the screen "New Shared Folder." Share an existing folder and locate your file you would like to send.

  • Invite to view the folder.

  • That's it! We've got it from here. We will accept your invitation shortly, and will begin the judging process. 



For Information and inquiry, please email to or call 050-5806-8801 (for Japan).

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