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Peace Project Japan 2015


A series of events and initiatives, all promoting the same ideal;

international peace and understanding through music and art


Part II of our Concert Series:


Peace Concert in Hiroshima

JMS Aster Plaza, Hiroshima

July 3, 2015



For over the past 70 years, the City of Hiroshima has been working tirelessly to spread the message of peace to the world. We now travel to Hiroshima honoring their efforts – presenting a multicultural concert and inviting performers from the city and beyond, also celebrating the friendship between its sister city Daegu, Korea.

Part I of our Concert Series:


International Peace Concert in Japan

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

April 10, 2015


In the spirit of promoting international peace, understanding and reconciliation, Harmony For Peace Foundation presents the International Peace Concert. Talented artists, both young and professional, from over 50 cultural background, perform together as a call for a more peaceful world. In coordination with Mayors For Peace's 2020 Vision, a group of Hibakusha (1945 atomic bombing survivors) were special guests at the concert, as well as 200 children who lost their homes and families in the Tohoku Disaster region in collaboration with Ashinaga and KiraKiraBoshi.

"Peace Art Journey" Exhibit Goes to Japan

Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Spring & Summer 2015


Spreading the messages of 12 talented young artists from around the world, the "Peace Art Journey" travels globally for exhibition. These artworks, from a 2012 Art Competition, co-sponsored by the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs in New York, "imagine a world free of nuclear weapons."
Stops at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the Former Bank of Hiroshima and a stop in Nagasaki in conversation. Join us!

Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Japan

Congratulations Ms. Honoka Kikukawa!
April 2015
Harmony For Peace brings the role of Junior Peace and Music Ambassador to Japan, a yearlong honorary title bestowed upon a talented young muscian. The Junior Ambassador attends musical and cultural events on behalf of Harmony For Peace, promoting cultural understanding and friendship - while representing his or her own cultural hertitage.
This competition, held first in the US in 2014, now travels to Japan - in the hopes for future collaboration between the US and Japan ambassadors.

Instagram Peace Art Contest

Calling for artwork illustrating global friendship and understanding,
against violence and conflict
April - June 2015
Open to children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18, the Instagram Peace Art Contest offers the opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent and desire for peace. After submitting a photo of the artwork on Instagram, finalists will be chosen to bring their artwork to the International Peace Concert in Tokyo.
The winning artwork will join the "Peace Art Journey" Exhibit and will travel with it globally.

US-Japan High School Peace and Music Forum

With US-Cellist Ohad Bar-David
Tokyo Metropolitan Theater-Symphony Space
April 11, 2015
"Promoting Peace through Music," Ohad Bar-David meets with high school students from  Sotoku High School (Hiroshima) and Asaka Reimei High School (Fukushima) to discuss his experiences as a cross-cultural performer, traveling globally and collaborating with artists of all backgrounds and cultures.
Through cultural music techniques and personal experiences, students will learn the importance of bridging relations between cultures and nations, through music
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